The Westergasfabriek is a place where people come to have fun, to be inspired and where inventive events take place. We take great pride in this. At the same time it is no secret that events put a great deal of pressure on our climate and living environment. We believe that this can be done differently. Together with partners and likeminds, we aim to increase our contribution to a fair, sustainable world. Read on to discover what we are doing to achieve this goal.


Energy savings by using LED lighting

How does the Westergasfabriek promote sustainability?

The Westergasfabriek has invested heavily in extra insulation and LED lighting in its event buildings. LED lighting uses at least 65% less energy than the old halogen lighting. We buy the energy we need (which is 100% green) collectively with other Amsterdam-based cultural institutes. Not only that: our waste is also processed collectively with the other businesses at the site. The organic waste is processed in The Waste Transformer, which transforms it into green energy.

Golden green advice

Based on your objectives, we will consider all the options for enhancing the sustainability of your event. We will be happy to think along with you in this. Options we can look into include the engagement of sustainable suppliers or caterers (e.g. The Food Line-up), sustainable waste processing, smart energy or other alternatives that promote the well-being of people and our planet.

We provide concrete advice on at least four points as a standard. Although this may be self-evident and not detailed enough for one party, it can be a green beginning for another. You can also decide to look at all the available options, or focus on just one area for your upcoming event (e.g. an energy plan) so that you can be assured of achieving a good result in this.
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The Westergasfabriek purchases green energy collectively with a number of Amsterdam-based cultural institutes. Save energy costs by reducing your event’s energy consumption!

  • Ask your suppliers for energy-efficient equipment:
    LED show lighting has a much lower peak load.
  • Ask an independent party to take a look at your electrical plan.
  • Use the available power points. Read more in Locations, where you will be able to find information specific to each location under the Facts tab.
  • Need more energy? Use green solutions like Green Battery or diesel aggregates that run on biodiesel, such as Goodfuels.



The Westergasfabriek is located in the beautiful green Westerpark, which is a low-traffic area. Think about ways to compel visitors to your event to leave their cars at home.

  • Have your visitors make use of public transport. The Westergasfabriek can easily be reached via a direct bus line from Amsterdam Central Station, a tram from the city centre or an OV bike from Sloterdijk or Central Station.
  • Make use of green electric taxis.
  • There are 16 parking spaces with charge points for electric cars within a radius of 500 m.



The Westergasfabriek currently makes use of green energy derived from organic waste by The Waste Transformer. Additionally, all the businesses on the site make use of the same waste company, which processes the waste as sustainably as possible. This reduces the traffic flow in the city centre considerably, as well as the emission of carbon dioxide. Draw up a waste plan for your event together with us!

  • Engage a caterer who is willing to make use of The Waste Transformer so that your organic waste will be transformed into green energy.
  • Go for a paperless event! Instead of flyers you can draw up a digital programme, or make use of an app.
  • Raise your visitors’ consciousness: use rubbish bins with clear signage to promote the optimum separation of waste flows.
  • Rent hard plastic cups to reduce waste, or make use of a deposit system.

The Waste Transformer ensures that the organic waste of all businesses at the Westergasfabriek is transformed into heat, electricity and compost as a residual product. The Waste Transformer processes 600 kg of green waste per day, producing 12 kg of compost. The electricity is returned to the grid, the compost is strewn throughout the Westerpark and the heat will be used to heat up the water in the adjacent buildings in the future.

This collective waste collection means a reduction in urban traffic by 150 trucks. That’s a little over 7500 kg of carbon dioxide that is not emitted, which equals:

  • 7 flights from Amsterdam to Paris
  • 300 kg of office paper
  • 16,000 km of train travel
  • 500 days of breathing



The Westergasfabriek’s preferred caterer, The Food Line-up, puts people and the planet first. Choose a caterer that promotes sustainability and opts for organic, local and vegetarian/vegan, and:

  • Offer seasonal, locally produced products.
  • Gain clear insight into visitor numbers and prevent waste.
  • Reduce no-show by sending out invitations on time, using a clear RSVP procedure and actively maintaining contact with guests who have not yet responded.
  • Ensure that your caterer brings any leftover food into the chain at the highest possible level by sending usable food to the food bank and unprocessed food scraps to a petting zoo and/or having the waste fermented in The Waste Transformer.


of organic waste is processed each day by The Waste Transformer.



Historic factory buildings require extra attention and know-how. Our preferred partner and AV specialist JUR has this. When choosing a supplier, take the following points into consideration:

  • Make combinations in the field of AV or other equipment. Discuss all the production options prior to your event. Sometimes, you will be able to hit upon smart solutions with other events.

And consider:

  • Energy-saving solutions like LED lighting;
  • Sustainable and responsibly produced wooden stage sets;
  • Water-saving vacuum toilets; and
  • Compostable disposables.

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