The road to slave-free chocolate


Tony’s Chocolonely

Polonceaukade 12
1014 DA Amsterdam

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Opening hours

tue - fri: 10:00 - 18:00
sat: closed
su - mo: 12:00 - 18:00

A 100% slave-free chocolate industry – that’s Tony’s Chocolonely’s goal. From their office at Westergasfabriek the Tony’s team works hard on their mission to make other people as passionate about 100% slave-free chocolate as they are. In the Tony’s store a few doors down the street you can taste and buy all the delicious flavours they have created over the years.

The people of Tony’s Chocolonely are, ofcourse, crazy about chocolate. Chocolate made from pure cocoa without any bitter aftertaste. Their problem is that pure honest cocoa isn’t all that easy to find in a world in which cocoa is treated as just another mindlessly traded global commodity.

Tony’s thinks that cocoa is much more precious than that. That’s why they set up long-term relationships with reliable and trustworthy cocoa farmers in Ghana and Ivory Coast. They know the farmers’ names and know their cocoa. Buying directly from them is a key step towards 100% slave-free chocolate. Another important step is that they never cut corners on sourcing Fair Trade ingredients and organic products. The third step is you!


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