12 August 2013

Visitors are invited to have their portrait taken at the Unseen Photo Fair 2013. Your picture will be taken in a mobile photo booth and instantly printed on poster-scale format to then become a part of the exhibition and an ever-growing, global artwork. You will become the artwork, your face the statement.

JR is represented by the biggest gallery in the world: the city’s streets. His work mixes Art and Act and deals with commitment, freedom, identity and limits. After winning the TED Prize JR began his global participatory art project INSIDE OUT. Hoping to change the world one photo at a time, INSIDE OUT provides a platform for everyone the world over to share both their portrait and what they stand for.
INSIDE OUT gives everyone the opportunity to sound their voice and give it a face. By positing photo booths around the world, everyone is invited to step in, show their face and have their portrait shared on a global platform on which these posters are displayed as works of public art and vessels with which to make a statement. Over 150,000 people from over 100 countries have become the face of INSIDE OUT. The INSIDE OUT project has travelled from Ecuador to Nepal, from Mexico to Palestine to New York and is next headed to Amsterdam.

In April 2013, an Inside Out Photobooth truck was installed on Times Square – 6,000 portraits of New Yorkers and visitors were pasted on the floor. The people of New York took part of a growing artwork, not only because their image got added, but also because they affixed their own portrait as co – artists. And now it’s the turn the people of Amsterdam on the Unseen Photo Phair that will be held at the Westergasfabriek. Get your picture taken and paste it on the wall or floor in the Zuiveringshal.

Each INSIDE OUT project  is documented , archived and exhibited online.

More information: www.unseenamsterdam.com