14 February 2012

A fridge is relocated in the green of the park. It symbolically contains the sound of the G8 nations’ anthems mingled with the sounds of different breeds of birds. The installation was presented for the first time in Ghent in 2006, in the moment of greatest uproar in Europe about bird flu.

The project is produced by the Italian Institute of Culture (Istituto Italiano di Cultura – Amsterdam) and supported by l’Ozio, an exhibitions and events space and eatcafè devoted to all Italian culture in Amsterdam where Stefano Cagol is presenting a solo show: it’s titled “Fight or flight” referring to the reactions of animals to a situation of danger choosing to run away or to start a fight. In fact Stefano Cagol’s research – documented in a brand new wide monograph edited by Charta – faces socio political balances and their interpretation by media that influences public opinion. The art is to 12 March at the Westerpark.

More information about the project.