The Gashouder (Gasholder) often is the frequent venue for large-scale exhibitions, live shows and company presentations. The Gashouder is a place of extremes: it is the home of Awakenings, a club event for 3500 people, and it was the location for artist Hans op de Beeck’s panoramic installation for an audience of one. If you’re thinking big, if you’ve got daring plans, then the Gashouder is the place for you.


The Gashouder is the most iconic building on the site. A beautiful circular space covering more than 2500 m2, offering all the room you need. The pillarless interior, with its impressive cast-iron ceiling, is a unique example of its kind.

Building History

The Gashouder was built in 1902 – at the time it was the largest in Europe. The gas was stored above the Gashouder in a steel tank that extended telescopically to a height of 40m.


*The Gashouder is also for rent in combination with the Leidinghuis.


Klönneplein 1
1014 DD Amsterdam

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  • Surface size2.538m2
  • Length53,8m
  • Width53,8m
  • Height14,5m
  • Theatre2100
  • Dinner1100
  • Reception3500

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  • Surface size2.538 m2
  • Length53,8 m
  • Width53,8 m
  • Height14,5 m
  • Theatre2100
  • Dinner1100
  • Reception3500

Additional information

  • 2 dressing rooms with each 2 x toilets and 1 x shower
    Basic Heater

Public facilities

  • Water

    • 9 x plus drain
  • Power

    • 1 x 250A
      2 x 125A, 5x 63A
      10 x 220v 10 groups
      4 x 220v 2 groups
  • Toilets

    • 7 x ladies restroom
      5 x men’s restroom
      6 x men’s urinals
      1 x MiVa toilet
  • Light

    Basic light

  • Internet

    We offer an excellent free Wi-Fi network in the park and in our buildings: (WGFFreeWifi). We also offer a customised network. Price available upon request.