23 May 2011

In order to meet the acute shortage of cinema screens in Amsterdam for the ‘vulnerable film’, the Ketelhuis cinema is opening a fourth screen, Ketelhuis 4, on 27 April.

And this screening room is likely to be the smallest cinema in the country, because it has only two chairs. For just one euro, cinemagoers can choose from among four selections of art-minded films and videos. Located in the Ketelhuis café and designed and built by Martin van der Putte, Ketelhuis 4 is the size and shape of a passport photo booth.

Ketelhuis 4 is an initiative of Stichting Kunsttraject and Stichting Het Ketelhuis. Stichting Kunsttraject has a long history of providing a platform for young video artists. On behalf of Kunsttraject video artist Lena Davidovitsch will permanently curate the content of one of the four menus. As Kunsttraject director Joost Vermeulen says, “This is international-quality video art for the price of half a cup of coffee.’

Admission is free for Cineville pass holders. And there’s also a special Ketelhuis 4 cinema gift voucher available. You can buy the voucher for one euro at the Ketelhuis box-office. For more information go to the Ketelhuis website.