16 May 2012

Visitors to Westergasfabriek can now enjoy free wireless Internet in all its venues and throughout most of the surrounding park. Westergasfabriek is the first park in the Netherlands to make free WiFi Internet available with this level of capacity and coverage. The WiFi signal comes from the ultrafast fibre-optic network that has been laid throughout the site. This free Internet facility is just one of Westergasfabriek’s initiatives for making the area more dynamic and attractive for its visitors.

There’s free WiFi coverage across the entire area between the Haarlemmerweg, the outdoor events area and the Klönneplein near the Gasholder. The combination of high-grade infrastructure and high bandwidth produces an Internet capacity-level that is unique for this kind of public space.

To use the Westergasfabriek’s free WiFi facility, select Westergasfabriek’s free WiFi network ‘WGFFreeWifi’. Then start your browser and go to www.westergasfabriek.nl. To gain access to the WiFi network, log in just once using an email address or Facebook.

Park of the future

Providing a free WiFi network is part of Westergasfabriek’s broader aim to be and remain the park of the future. Westergasfabriek seeks to enrich visitor experience at the venues and in the surrounding park by initiating its own projects and facilitating other parties looking for a platform for new initiatives. Westergasfabriek works to achieve these aims together with the business world, government, and culture and knowledge institutes.

Mark de Kruijk, director of Westergasfabriek: ‘We’re constantly on the lookout for innovations and new ways of creating a dynamic atmosphere on the site – whether in the physical or the digital sphere. Online media and good digital infrastructure are crucial to a modern city park. Westergasfabriek serves a broad local, national and international public that comes here for business and recreation. Offering this service means our visitors can now work off-line and online, spend their leisure time together and meet one another. It’s a perfect fit with the dynamism of the area.’


The potential for digital communications on the site is almost limitless: there’s the high-quality fibre-optic network with 1GB Internet connection, the radio and television facilities, and the connection with the MediaRing. Increasingly, the fibre-optic network is also serving as a test bed for new applications. Besides providing the WiFi signal, the network feeds a wide range of cross-media projects in the public space, as well as live national television broadcasts of the topical talk shows De Wereld Draait Door and Pauw & Witteman. It is also frequently used for innovative Internet applications during events taking place on the site.


People come to Westergasfabriek to meet each other and to work and relax together. And for a modern city park, that goes hand-in-hand with online media and a good digital infrastructure. The potential for digital communications for events is almost limitless thanks to the ultrafast fibre-optic network and WiFi facilities.