11 March 2014

The International Design Association (IxDA) organised the 7th edition of its Interaction Congress at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam from 6-8 February. IxDA chose the Westergasfabriek as its main location by virtue of its creative atmosphere and inspiring surroundings.

Organisers of national and international congresses are looking more and more frequently for locations which are distinctive and full of character, where visitors can gain inspiration and renewed vigour. They do, however, need to have high-quality facilities, a good infrastructure and offer sufficient opportunities for breakout sessions. Cooperation between the organisation and the location is also important and that is exactly what the Westergasfabriek was able to offer the IxDA. The restored 19th century factory complex, surrounded by a beautiful green park, is a popular location in Amsterdam for the creative industry sector and has been the home of several high-profile events and congresses.

During IxDA, the Westergasfabriek provided a stage for 90 speakers, more than 900 interaction designers, 32 nationalities, dozens of creative workshops and inspiring presentations in the course of four days. The programme took place in several buildings in the Westergasfabriek, each with its own theme and a matching scenario. The Gashouder – the most iconic building in the Westergasfabriek – was the undisputed focal point during the whole conference. The lighting in IxDA’s blue-green corporate colours and the attractive decor came into their own in the pillarless industrial space. An informal setting and environment that matched well with IxDA’s community.

IxDA reflects on the congress with great satisfaction:

“This unique location was very much appreciated by our guests, which was clearly evident from the many exclamations of ‘amazing venue!’ tweets. As organisation, we enjoyed the full cooperation of the Westergasfabriek and also the preferred partners, Jurlights and DeBorrelFabriek. All three parties have the experience and professionalism to organise a multi-day event perfectly”, said Rogier Brakshoofden, organiser of Interaction14

The event involved close cooperation between the organiser, Westergasfabriek and the partners, DeBorrelFabriek and Jurlights. They all contributed to the realisation of the event by giving the best possible advice regarding the locations, furnishings, decor and catering.

In addition to sections of the programme taking place at the Westergasfabriek, special venues De Bazel and Het Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam were used for the welcome reception and the awards ceremony.

Type of Event: Congress
Number of People: 900
Locations: Gashouder, Transformatorhuis & Westerliefde
Catering: DeBorrelFabriek
Light and sound: Jurlights
Internet: Fibreglass Internet, with 1700 systems simultaneously online over Wi-Fi at peak times

More information:
IxDA’s Interaction14: interaction14.ixda.org
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