Zuiveringshal West

The Zuiveringshal West (West Refinery) stretches along the waterside. The listed interior is long and high with weathered walls and a vast ceiling. It is one of Westergasfabriek’s most versatile venues.




The Zuiveringshal West (West Refinery) can comfortably accommodate a large number of guests for events such as plenary meetings, large dinners or company presentations. The main hall is often divided into plenary and informal sections. It is the regular venue for the annual Fashion Week catwalk shows, CineKid’s MediaLab and ArtOlive’s Jong Talent (Young Talent) exhibition.

Building history

The Zuiveringshal West dates from 1885. It was where the gas was purified using sand and chemicals in huge boilers. The building has an explosion relief roof: in the event of an explosion, the steel roof construction would keep the walls together, keeping the damage to a minimum.


  • Each event needs a different approach. We are pleased to give you advice on the content and capabilities of your event with a matching price indication. Click here for our contact details. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • The Westergasfabriek works with preferred partners for the catering. A remittance will be charged if you choose to work with a different caterer.


Pazzanistraat 37
1014 DB Amsterdam

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Maximum: 1500
Plenary Meeting/Theatre: 1000
Dinner: 700

Surface size

Total floor area: 1200m2


Large hall: 67m x 18m
Dressing room: 4.5m x 6.5m
Height: 9m to 17.6m
Main entrance: 6m x 4m


Floor: power-floated concrete
Water: 4x plus drainage
Electricity: 2 x 125A,
2 x 63A, 4 x 16A,
16 x 220V, in 4 groups

Lighting: basic LED-lightning, RGB colours are optional

Heating: present

Toilets: 8 x women,
5 x men, 1 x invalid

1 x changing room with 2 x shower and
2 x toilet


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