26 March 2012

AIR and Paradiso have created a unique collaboration to organise a brand new open-minded festival. The first edition of Milkshake Festival is on Sunday 22 July 2012.

What happens when you put the Free Love & Tolerance Policy of two of Amsterdam’s biggest clubs into the blender and add generous doses of open-mindedness, art, culture, entertainment and creativity? The Milkshake motto is ‘No rules – do what you feel’ and the festival will prove that entertainment, musical tastes, fashion tastes and status have nothing to do with sexuality. Milkshake is about Free Love & Tolerance and no pigeonholing. It’s the variety of skin colours, religions, sexual preferences and expressions of masculinity and femininity that make life a party. That’s what Milkshake wants to celebrate. We’re celebrating the city and we want to spark a return to courtesy and friendliness. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fat or thin, tall or short, straight or gay, tranny or tgirl – or black as night or white as snow. Being human is what life’s all about and we’re going to celebrate it! Milkshake festival was conceived by Peter van Vught (Paradiso) and Marieke Samallo (AIR). They saw that it was time for a spectacular event, with entertainment and interesting blends from open-minded club nights linked to Paradiso and AIR.

Festival programme: the festival centres around five stage, each with a very distinct character. What they will have in common, though, is a courteous, free and tolerant atmosphere. You can expect dazzling decorations, art and performance, and lots more to enjoy.

Black Pool Party by Erwin Olaf: top photographer Erin Olaf (who is also responsible for the Milkshake campaign image) is organising his own Black Pool Party in collaboration with Conny Janssen Productions. Erwin Olaf is already notorious for his legendary Fucques les Balles parties and his Black Tea Party in Paradiso. His events are famous for their exuberance and freedom. At Erin Olaf’s Black Pool Party at Milkshake you can expect plenty of absurdity and highly individual styles.

Can You Feel it by AIR and Diva Mayday: Diva Mayday’s very own stage at Milkshake will bring back the feel of Can You Feel iT, a concept that came out of a love for Amsterdam’s legendary iT club. Can You Feel iT’s three-monthly events at AIR are sold out every time, and last year it was voted Best Party of the Year by Gay.nl. Resident DJs like Jean and Brian S., vocals by Miss Bunty and perfect hosting by Dmobility make for a party where stars feel ordinary and ‘ordinary people’ feel like stars.

LOLITA KLUP by NOW&WOW: once upon a time an uninhibited little girl (or was it actually a little boy?) was born under the Now&Wow umbrella. She was free-minded, trisexual and naughty. Her name was Lolita. At Milkshake, Lolita will dare you and flirt with you in many forms – dazzling and deafening. Following a break from creative work for audiences, Ted Langenbach and Pietra Ligura are back with Now&Wow. Lolita Klup and her main stage at the totally sold-out Now&Wow Fest in Rotterdam were the ‘talk of the town’.

Paradiso Live Stage: over the past 40 years, Paradiso has grown up from a ‘cosmic relaxation centre’ to become a pop stage, nightclub and cultural temple all in one. It’s a venue where open-minded club nights are a regular feature, with everything from Lovedance to Glitterazzi and from Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor to the Black Tea Party. At the Paradiso Live Stage, you’ll get all of these ultimate experiences in one go.

Supertoys by AIR: especially for our colourful and open-minded fans with a playful intellect, after legendary nights at AIR Supertoys now brings you its own stage. So leave your arrogance, your issues and your other bad habits at home because there’s no one here who needs them. We’re here to have fun!

Venue: Westerpark, Amsterdam
Date: Sunday 22 July 2012
Time: 12.00 to 23.00
Tickets: Early bird tickets €25.00 / Regular outlets €32.50
Presale starts: Saturday 17 March 2012 at 10.00
Minimum age: 18
More information: http://www.milkshakefestival.nl/